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I've often said that the best hope of this country is in the people, the real people of America.
Foehammer over at Foehammer's Anvil has a great post called Small Town USA vs. Sanctuary City, in which he reports on his recent experiences with a citizen of a liberal 'sanctuary city' and his contrasting experiences with small-town USA. The liberal 'sanctuary city' attitudes display little real knowledge of the realities of the world, while small-town Americans, contrary to the stereotype of small-town people as being insular and backward, have a much more savvy perspective, and consequently are better prepared to deal with the difficult realities facing America and the Western world. This tallies with my own observations in my experience living in both the liberal big cities and in the small-town environment. Paradoxically the small-towners are often much better informed about the wider world than the urban sophisticates.
The discussion thread following Foehammer's piece included a comment by Bill Strong, of Seymour, Indiana, who linked to his group's website
CHOICE - Coalition of Hoosiers for Order of Immigration Control and Enforcement
'Founded in 2006, "Because Americans have a CHOICE in immigration laws"
It looks like a very worthy effort and I wish that group all success; I think such citizens' groups, acting to preserve America, are a hopeful trend, one that seems to be taking hold in many places.
And the Patriot over at the People's Patriot blog writes about
One Way to Fight a Sanctuary City
The Patriot quotes an e-mail from a group called Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control, which appears to be a grassroots citizens' group. The group sent a letter to the Mayor of New Haven in response to the city's plan to issue 'municipal ID cards' to illegals. This is a novel approach: invoke the RICO laws against sanctuary cities.
For Immediate Release
CTCIC Sends Warning Letter to DeStefano
CT Citizens for Immigration Control sent a warning letter to Mayor Tom DeStefano of New Haven. The letter asserts that an identification card for illegal aliens would be a criminal violation of U.S. Immigration Law by inducing illegal aliens to reside in the United States.
The letter says the mayor and city officials issuing an ID, plus any citizen or organizations accepting such an ID card, would be subject to fines and imprisonment.
In addition, the letter says that such an ID card and its acceptance would be criminal racketeering. Officials implementing an ID Card and citizens accepting it would be engaged in immigration racketeering would be subject to private law suits under RICO.
"Mayor DeStefano will be putting himself, the City Council and other New Haven residents in financial jeopardy by passing this bill," says Mr. Streitz.
"If there is one person killed or injured by an illegal alien living in New Haven by homicide or vehicular accident, the mayor, the councilmen and anyone accepting this card would be personally liable," says Mr. Streitz.
"The parents of a murdered child are not going to want to hear the Mayor�s praise of illegals," says Mr. Streitz."
Again, it is encouraging to see the signs that people around the country are organizing and acting.
From the website:
We need you, our country needs you. Without your participation, our families' future and the future of the United States and Connecticut will remain dire. Collectively, we can reverse this trend and put ourselves back on the road to making and keeping America the greatest country in the world.''
Amen to that; we all need to be reminded that there are lots of people out there who see what is happening, and who care greatly about our country and our way of life. No doubt there are good traditional Americans living in the big urban centers, but such places are often actively hostile towards traditional American culture and attitudes. Small-town and rural America is the best hope we have for salvaging our country, or what is left of it. The internet is a great advantage for us in that even those of us who might live in alienating urban environments can find a kind of cyber-community with others of like mind. So even for those who may be isolated among the liberal multicultis in a big city can reach out to other traditional and conservative Americans via the Internet. Knowing that there are more of us than we may realize is encouraging.
And for Americans to act in this fashion is in the best tradition of this country; from such citizen activism this country was made.
We can all do something, and working with other citizens wherever we are is a heartening thing.
I applaud the good people of CHOICE and CTCIC, and all others, whether as individuals or groups, are doing their part. We are all needed; there will not be a man on a white horse to save the day for us; it's up to us.

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