'Church embraces displacement of Southerners.'
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The title of this entry is the taken from a post at the Southern Nationalist blog, on the SBC's betrayal. 'Church embraces displacement of Southerners.' That about sums it up. Please do click on the link to read the piece.
The map shown above (click to see larger view) is also from Michael's post at SNN. I thought it was illustrative of the dominance of the Southern Baptists throughout the Southern states. You will notice the red counties on the map are areas in which the largest religious group is the Southern Baptist denomination.
If the SBC thinks that they are going to win over all the invading Hispanics, like the deluded Republican Party leaders think they can garner a gold mine of Hispanic votes, they are doubly deluded. If the Southern Baptists succeed in luring Hispanics to their churches and their presence increases, the church will end up adapting to Hispanics, just as the Catholic faith adapted to pagan folk-rituals in Latin America. Surely this will drive away as many 'Anglo' church members as it might draw from the Spanish-speaking population.
More and more, the major churches, across the board, are becoming one with the world system.

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