Blind leaders of the blind
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At American Thinker, Deborah C. Tyler takes on a subject that few on the right pay attention to: the psychology belief system.
Beginning in 1950, the APA began issuing public policy statements and resolutions. Although presumably a scientific organization, the list of those proclamations reads like a libretto of politically correct shibboleths: the benefits of abortion, the need for sex education in public schools, the need for affirmative action, the evils of cultural insensitivity, the virtues of everything LGBT, the blessings of needle exchange programs for mainlining addicts, the psychological nourishment of diversity, the insensitivity of English-only initiatives, the repressiveness of white majorities -- and on and on and on and on.
Two trends can be seen in APA public positions: 1) the misuse of science, and 2) the devaluation of people who hold different moral and spiritual views -- in effect, making infidels of those who disagree. The APA's resolutions are scattered throughout its vast website, but partial lists can be found here and here.
From the first linked page of their policy manual: See their resolution on 'racism and racial discrimination':
''THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the American Psychological Association denounces racism in all its forms for its negative psychological, social, educational, and economic effects on human development throughout the life span;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that APA further the objectives of the 2001 United Nations World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance through efforts focused on elimination of all forms of racism and racial/ethnic discrimination at all levels of the science and practice of psychology in the United States;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that APA will: (1) pursue diverse racial representation at all levels of APA governance; (2) call upon all psychologists to eliminate processes and procedures that perpetuate racial injustice in research, practice, training and education; (3) call upon all psychologists to speak out against racism and take proactive steps to prevent the occurrence of intolerant or racist acts; and (4) promote psychological research on the alleviation of racial/ethnic injustice.''
I've alluded in earlier blog posts to the role played by all-pervasive belief systems like psychology and all social 'sciences', falsely so-called, in the demise of the West and the rise of anti-White policies, but I don't seem to make much headway with alerting people to just how destructive this mindset is to our people and our future.
You can find any number of ethnopatriot blogs and individuals who are busy lambasting Christianity as the fount of every woe of our people, but scarcely a word is said in criticism of psychology and its 'spiritual' branch, the loosely-termed New Age philosophy. The latter is really a hodgepodge of postmodern psychology mixed with a sort of do-it-yourself, patchwork, multicultural religion.
These belief systems are hand-in-glove with the prevailing political and cultural regime which includes what we call 'political correctness' and the 'tolerance' industry. If there is the remotest resemblance between this belief system and Christianity, or what passes as Christianity in 2010, it is not that Christianity has influenced the former; it is that the 'humanistic' belief system has crept into Christianity and captured its leaders.
If you read the list of policies and resolutions by the APA or other such secular bodies, you will see that it all dovetails with the official dogma of our governments, our media, and the educational complex in the West. This is the dominant belief system of most people in the West, not just secular people or atheists or New Agey people, but of many compromised and ignorant Christians who do not know their own faith.
This is the belief system that rules our lives, really.
It's reinforced everywhere we turn. Pick up a dead-tree newspaper and read a random selection of articles on any number of issues. You will find that the mindset of the APA and other related bodies is reflected exactly in the articles written by just about any journalist or editorial writer. It is the reigning ideology of our time.
We talk about cultural Marxism, but it began with our so-called 'social sciences', with anthropology and sociology and psychology, and cross-pollinated with political leftism to produce the many-headed hydra that dominates our thought and discourse today.
Does anybody remember the days when Scientologists used to have people leafleting out in the streets, trying to reel in new 'customers'? Their sales pitch used to start with the question, ''would you like to take a free personality test?" And just about everybody, at least every young (under 30) individual would eagerly agree. We have been shaped into being a narcissistic, individualistic people, who are fascinated with ourselves, I mean, with our selves. Ridiculous belief systems proliferate by appealing to our obsession with ourselves, our minds and personalities. Pop(ular) psychology is popular because it appeals to this lowest common denominator: the desire to navel-gaze and admire ourselves in mirrors and ponder how very unique we are.
Samuel N. Behrman said
"A quite wonderful discovery -- psychoanalysis. Makes quite simple people feel they're complex."
Christianity, by contrast, tells us we are all sinners in need of a redeemer. That, naturally, rubs the post-modern individual the wrong way. He'd rather be told how scintillating and fascinating he and his creative mind are. He'd rather be told that 'the proper study of mankind is man', and specifically, self.
Psychology may tell us that we are all potentially 'mentally ill' but the social sciences hold out the possibility of human perfectibility because our 'ills' (which are often just bad habits or bad character) are curable by what? In the olden days, years of expensive therapy, many hours on an analyst's couch, or now, lots of medications and 'positive self-talk' and 'boosting self-esteem' and reading the right guru's books.
Look how popular Oprah and Dr. Phil and Deepak Chopra and Dr. Oz are by peddling various forms of this self-religion, posing as 'science.'
Naturally, we have freedom of religion in this country, so people are quite welcome to believe in Xenu and the Galactic Confederacy, or nothing at all if they so choose. But this reigning belief system, despite its preaching 'non-judgmentalism' is not the least bit tolerant of Other Gods, as witness the policy statements by the APA and its pronouncements of anathema on 'racists, homophobes, and xenophobes.'
It's this belief system that saturates our society, and it goes unchallenged because it is part of the air we breathe, and because it wears the benign mask of 'science' and assumes a mantle of infallibility. Everybody, just about, believes in it to some extent, because we absorb it by osmosis. It's on every TV talk show or 'women's' programming in particular. Women are big proselytizers for the psychology cult's tenets, whether they realize it or not. Women are very fond of the touchy-feely-emotional trappings of this belief system. It is a very feminine mindset and cult.
For whatever reason, I've had a longstanding suspicion of the psychology cult, even to the extent of avoiding any psychology classes in college, which made me quite the oddity. One counselor looked at me as though she thought I was a primitive because I said I had chosen to take no psychology classes, though I took other science courses toward my degree. It was clear that saying I avoided psych classes was tantamount, in her eyes, to saying I could not read and write. Everybody took Psych classes in college; everyone, though they were not required for all majors. But everybody loved to analyze themselves.
Here's the crux of the problem I have with psychology. Does not science in general demand some kind of objective perspective, an ability to look at something from outside, in a dispassionate way? We can't do that with ourselves. Our efforts to understand the human mind, especially our own minds, are flawed because the human mind can't objectively understand itself or be honest about itself, much less measure and quantify itself.
As a much greater source says of the human heart, ''who can know it?''
The belief system that we call the psychological science is one which contradicts in the most basic ways the beliefs and attitudes of our forebears. It destroys the very idea of right and wrong, good and evil, making everything relative and subjective. It contradicts the belief that we are responsible human beings, who make choices, and who must be held accountable for our actions. It diminishes our freedom in that it tends to cause us to see ourselves and others as helpless pawns, products of circumstance or neurochemicals or anything but free choice. Homosexuals are born with a genetic predisposition, say the seers of psychology. People are criminals because of circumstances like poverty, or 'racism.'
Nobody can be held accountable except, of course, for people who are heretics when it comes to the established belief system, namely those labeled as 'racists, xenophobes, homophobes, misogynists', and other holdouts such as Christians who believe in the faith of their fathers.
Psychology, like political correctness, is so dominant in our ways of thinking that most of us would not dream of contradicting it in any way.
Behrman's quote about psychoanalysis making simple people seem complex is reflective of the tendency of the psychological dogma to make everything seem complex; things are never what they seem. Contra Ockham's Razor, the most convoluted explanation is the best one for anything, it seems. And this mindset has made people lose moral clarity, to see everything as relative, as a complicated grey area, where there are just 'differing narratives', not truth or falsehood.
Rather than increasing man's wisdom about himself or others or the problems of life in general, it has made everybody lukewarm or noncommital about many things which should be clear-cut.
In response, many people just shut down, and distract themselves with the trivial things, entertainment, sports, shopping, anything but actual thought and discussion.
Hence, here we are fiddling while Rome burns around us. Others, while able to see that our situation is dire, cast about to find someone to blame, and they fix the blame on the older generations (Why didn't they stop this long ago?) or a political party -- and with many people, it's Christianity alone which is blamed for the delusion which our people suffer from.
Let's face it: how many real Christians are out there? How many people take their Christianity seriously and live their lives according to its precepts? Few, sad to say. And Christianity, contrary to what the theocracy-phobics say, exerts pitifully little infliuence on our secular liberal government or on our popular culture, which is decidedly carnal and materialistic.
But the ruling ideology of our day is firmly rooted in this reigning philosophy which combines psychology with its false 'science' of the human mind and the syncretistic, multicultural, all-tolerant 'spirituality' peddled by Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, and other celebrities who wield a great deal of influence over women and the young.
Most of the women and young people I know imbibe these things from the popular culture. Everybody talks in pop-psych jargon and psychobabble, about empowerment and self-esteem and 'sharing'. If you watched that video of Lorena Bobbitt that I linked to, you saw her tell the interviewer that she now has good self-esteem and is now helping other women not to be 'victims' -- this, from the ultimate castrating female.
She is just one individual example, an indicator of what happens when our high priests are Abraham Maslow and Oprah Winfrey and Carl Rogers.
And it's easy to see how such a deluded people, following such authorities, might passively acquiesce to displacement, dispossession, and worse.

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