Big city blues
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After my previous post relating to New York City, I came across this article, which reports that ''City living marks the brain.''
Actually I don't think they needed a study to discover this; anybody who has lived in a crime ridden -- I mean, diversity-enriched, vibrant big city, can attest to that.
''Using functional brain imaging, a group led by Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg of the University of Heidelberg's Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, Germany, showed that specific brain structures in people from the city and the countryside respond differently to social stress. Stress is a major factor in precipitating psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.
So Meyer-Lindenberg set out to study how city life might increase the risk of mental illness. The team scanned the brains of 32 student volunteers while they performed arithmetic tests.''
The volunteers were 'stressed' by having the researchers criticize or pressure them while they were being tested. Apparently, effects of the 'stress' activated certain areas of the brain, the amygdala and the cingulate cortex.
''The amygdala, which processes emotion, was activated only in people currently living in a city. And the cingulate cortex, which helps to regulate the amygdala and processes negative emotions, responded more strongly in those brought up in cities than in those who grew up in towns or rural areas.''
And since even neutral 'science' is tainted by politics, we read further that Meyer-Lindenberg is planning another study:
''He also plans to study how other risk factors identified by social scientists � such as being an immigrant � affect stress processing. "We will use tools from social scientists to help us quantify things like perceived discrimination, social support networks, or stigma," he says.''
I wonder if Meyer-Lindenberg plans to study the stress associated with being subjected to mass immigration? Or the stress of being accused of 'discrimination', or the stress of having your hometown become dangerous and unlivable?
Somehow I suspect no such studies are contemplated.
As for those poor stressed immigrants, they have a home country to return to, which should ease their minds. We however, are losing our country. That is real stress.

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