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I'm still very much under the weather, and not up to writing a real blog entry, but here's something I've been wondering as I read here and there in blog comment threads.
On a number of blogs and forums, there are always certain comments which urge readers to consider emigration or expatriation to Europe or elsewhere. Maybe I am getting more skeptical by the day, but are these people all 'for real'? I wonder because I have read so many similar posts, with slightly different details and different names on various blogs.
They always follow this pattern: the commenter claims to have a 'close friend' or sometimes plural, 'friends' who have picked up and left the U.S. due to the intolerable conditions here, and relocated to some central European country, most often Germany. The story is that Germany is a clean, friendly, ideal, demographically compatible country with good schools. This, we are assured, is where the future lies for us, as America is irretrievably lost.
The key to becoming an expatriate in Germany, the posters usually say, is having some German ancestry and learning the language.
There is a poster who is commenting on many AmRen threads lately with this basic message.
I have just started to wonder if these posts, variations of which have been posted on blogs with similar readerships, might be part of some campaign to encourage flight by people who refuse to 'get with the program' and welcome our loss of majority status, or possibly to instill in those who cannot flee a sense of resignation and fatalism about America.
I don't dispute that some of the comments posted are genuine, and the details factual. Certainly some people do emigrate to Europe or elsewhere as conditions worsen here, but are there really that many?
We've discussed the repatriation theme at some length on this blog in the past; I am in two minds about it, and although I have no personal experience of central European countries, I know that all of Western Europe is experiencing immigration from the Third World. This story is about the flood of immigrants and the supposed 'need' for 30 million more immigrants to Europe in the next dozen years. Surely, then, Europe, especially with the regime in place in Brussels, is not better off than we are.
So are all these blog and forum comments urging emigration to Europe genuine? Or could somebody be trying to promote the idea for ulterior motives, such as trying to hasten '2042'?

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