Worth checking out
0 comment Saturday, April 26, 2014 |
A couple of recent pieces I would like to draw your attention to, if you haven't seen them already. The first is a recent one from Tom's Big Picture. It's titled Pareto's Maxims on 'Equality' at Work in South Africa, and it pertains very much to our own situation. Pareto's words also express a little-recognized truth about egalitarianism, and the constant demands for equality.
The video linked is not an especially brief one, but it is certainly interesting and thought provoking; what is happening to the Afrikaaners might be our future, if present trends are not reversed.
Meanwhile over at the Lee in the Mountains blog, there is a great piece making the point that 'The plain fact is that we do not have unlimited time to restore and build our community.'
I agree very much.
Please stop over and check it out.