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Over at a certain Republican forum, the mostly 'colorblind' regulars are finding great amusement in the YouTube video here, where you can see the Reverend Father Michael Pfleger, at Obama's church, mocking Hillary Clinton. Of course the politically correct Republicans see Hillary Clinton as the greatest threat to America, ever, and so they don't mind that Father Pfleger's slams against Hillary also are directed at them, as Whites.
Pfleger is one of those ideologues who believes that there is such a thing as 'White privilege', which is shared equally by all those of European ancestry, regardless of their circumstances. He thinks that this 'White privilege' is something which was acquired by oppressing non-Whites, mostly blacks. He also seems to believe in generational guilt, because in his warped view, everything a White has or possesses is an ill-gotten gain, even your 401k. He apparently does not recognize any hard work, ingenuity, or planning on the part of Whites as being the source of any of their possessions.
Can any of us watch this video without discomfort of some kind? When I say 'discomfort' I don't mean guilt. I mean, the sheer embarrassment of seeing an ostensibly 'White' man making such a buffoon of himself in front of a church full of black folks who apparently harbor considerable hostility towards him or at least, toward those who 'look like' him. I always squirm at the sight and sound of this kind of sycophantic, craven, unnatural behavior. I speculate about what in the world goes on in the minds of people like this cleric. Even in my most deludedly liberal days, I don't think I could have resorted to this kind of truckling, or such open disloyalty to my own. Pfleger's pathetic attempt at some kind of 'dialect' is downright cringe-inducing. Hillary herself is not above this kind of thing, as we've seen in her past appearances at black churches, but he outdoes even Hillary.
I have to wonder if there isn't perhaps an isolated liberal or two out there who might have his or her eyes opened by this kind of thing. Do they not, just once, think something like 'wow, if even the most pro-black liberals can be skewered for being racist and for benefiting from white privilege, we're all fair game, no matter what our politics, no matter how servile towards minorities we are.'
But I suspect only one in a million would dare to think that; I suspect the vast majority will only redouble their efforts at being tolerant and anti-racist.
Back in the naive old days of the Civil Rights revolution, also known as the 'Civil Rights Movement', most white people thought that if only we guaranteed equal access, the right to vote, the right to attend any school, to be served by any business owner, and so on, then all the grievances of blacks would evaporate, and we'd all coexist in harmony. Being 'non-prejudiced' was all that was required, so they thought. Now, we've learned that mere lack of prejudice and 'colorblindness' won't get you anywhere; you are still part of the problem unless you are emphatically anti-racist -- which in effect means anti-White. And that includes denouncing your own mother, if necessary, condemning yourself if need be, confessing your own sins and your own disgraceful acceptance of ''White privilege." It certainly demands that you turn viciously on your own racial kin who display any tendencies toward 'racism.' We see this at work in many an Internet discussion, where rabid 'anti-racist' Whites attack any of their brethren who step outside PC boundaries.
And we see it in excruciating performances like that of Pfleger pandering and preening before blacks.
Are these people trying to work out their own guilt by projecting all their self-hatred onto their fellow Whites? Do they think they are buying leniency from those they have 'wronged', or those they believe their ancestors wronged a couple of centuries or more ago? Do they believe they will be spared in case worst comes to worst and open hostilities break out? Do they think they are establishing their moral superiority, or gaining points with the Almighty by displaying their good intentions and good works publicly, like the Pharisee praying loudly in the Gospel accounts?
Last night I was watching some videos about the South on YouTube, and one of them was nothing more than a video of music from the War Between the States. But even music has to be made a fighting issue, thanks to political correctness. Every video comment section on You Tube, having to do with the South, is defaced by ranting liberal 'anti-racists' frothing at the mouth over 'slavery' and 'rape' and racism. This thread was no exception.
We really and truly are a badly divided and fragmented country, and I am not optimistic about any reconciliation -- not only between blacks and Whites, but among Whites. We are sharply divided among those of the old values, and the anti-racist haters of the old values.
I read the ugly anti-White, anti-South comments on YouTube, and I see videos like the one of Pfleger, and I am more convinced that there is no healing the divisions in this country. Obama, in a stroke of extreme irony, is running as some kind of 'healer' of racial divisions. Nothing could be further from the truth; anybody with eyes to see can see that he is only exacerbating the divisions in this country, and he is doing nothing but focusing an already race-obsessed country even more on race.
On the other hand, every cloud has some silver lining, so the saying goes, and if there is any good that might come out of the situation, it's that it is making clear who stands where. The animosities simmering below the surface are coming out in the open.
We will see for ourselves how very many Pflegers there are in this country: people who are somehow stunted in their very identity, who are 'without natural affections', who in some twisted way, despise those of their own race and yearn to be accepted and approved by a hostile group of people. These people are some kind of willing martyrs to racial restitution; by immolating themselves they think they can make a statement or win the love of those who hate them. Some of these people will genetically immolate themselves by literally joining the race they idealize, and rejecting membership in the race they were born to. If that's their choice, so be it; it would strengthen us if they removed themselves from us.
However they seem to have no desire to; far better, they think, to torment and harass the rest of us who want nothing more than to be left to our time-honored ways and allegiances. Despite their pious cant about 'tolerance' they will not tolerate this; they see themselves as some kind of agents of racial vengeance, and they will continue to harry us and hunt us down, leaving us no peace.
Most peoples in the world hold renegades to be the lowest of the low, those who would sell out their own in order to win some benefit for themselves -- or who would betray their own simply out of malice.
The word 'renegade' originally meant one who had forsaken the Christian faith, or a knight without a master.
In our day, it seems to take the form of those who identify with the outsider, even when that outsider is openly contemptuous of them. We seem to be plagued with such people today.
Blacks call those they perceive as too friendly to whites as 'Uncle Toms'. Mexicans condemn 'Tio Tacos' or 'vendidos' -- sellouts.
What name do we have for our equivalents? Just calling them 'liberals' isn't strong enough. We need to be as censorious towards our renegades as everybody else is toward theirs.
Instead, we are too prone to turn on those who are less politically correct, rather than directing our opprobrium where it is deserved.
Even the 'conservatives' over at Free Republic are prone to castigate each other for political incorrectness. We can't just blame it on 'the liberals' meaning the Democrats; it's a Republican plague too.

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