The amnesty that wouldn't die
0 comment Monday, April 28, 2014 |
Our President and a group of senators are now, according to a piece by Stephen Dinan in the Washington Times, in agreement on a bill which includes a 'path to citizenship' (otherwise known as amnesty) for illegals.
Path to citizenship, earned citizenship, all euphemisms for amnesty. No matter how they dress it up, it's still the same old idea: legalizing the illegals, rewarding them for breaking our laws.
There is incredible frustration building in the country; 'our' politicians cannot continue to flout the will of the American people forever, and not face a backlash.
This was utterly predictable; obviously, the fix is in; this idea will not be abandoned by those who seem hellbent on pushing it through. Such wanton disregard for the citizenry of this country is staggering.

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